The Freeman Andrus Award

Honouring a Hamiltonian for fostering a positive image towards advancing the knowledge of mood disorders, and helping those afflicted with a mood disorder.

Nomination Deadline: May 31, 2015

About The Award

This award will be presented to individuals who have demonstrated qualities, characteristics, performance and commitment to improving the lives of individuals afflicted with a mental illness in the Hamilton community. Three awards will be presented: Champion, Ambassador, and Friend of Mental Health.

Freeman AndrusFreeman Andrus
Former Member and Board Director of Mood Menders Support Group

The award has been named after Mr. Freeman Andrus, a former member, and board member of Mood Menders Support Services during the 1990’s. He was a support person for a family member challenged by a mood disorder. Freeman once said that the support group was so important him because it helped him understand how to be a more effective parent with realistic expectations.

Freeman was continually responsible for greeting, encouraging, and watching over people as they came to meetings, handing out literature, and answering the phone call line for many years.

He and another employee of Bell Telephone met the volunteer service criteria, and for many years, Mood Menders was able to access a grant from Bell because of the volunteer work they did for Mood Menders.

Freeman was a constant source of encouragement, and was very personable. He encouraged many people individuals in distress, and took the time to let him know that there was healing and hope. He ensured members that Mood Menders was a safe harbour for those afflicted with a mood disorder.

Sadly, Freeman Andrus passed away in August 2011. Prior to his death, Mood Menders presented a plaque to his family in recognition of his service to the organization.

Criteria For Nomination

  • Must provide mental health service/care in the City of Hamilton
  • Must be at least 19 (nineteen) years of age
  • Must be nominated by someone within Hamilton who is also at least 19 (nineteen) years of age
  • Nomination must be made in writing on the official nomination form, or with the online form linked below, and be submitted to Mood Menders Support Services by May 31, 2015

Freeman Andrus Award

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